Once your WordPress website gone live, you need to have a development website to implement further functionalities, and your development environment must be a copy of your original website. Having a development environment for website is helpful that, if we want any advanced features to be implemented on our website, implementing it directly on live website is dangerous because, a small mistake may effect our website so that we may lose our website but if we have a development environment, we can implement any feature there first, test, and then copy it to our live website.

To Create Development environment for your Website hosted on GoDaddy, follow the below process,


Create a Subdomain

First we need to create a Subdomain for our development website, to create a subdomain,

  • Go to GoDaddy cPanel, find the DOMAINS section and then click on Subdomains

  • Now create a new Subdomain for your Development website, give your Subdomain a name, select your website Domain, keep Document Root as default, and then click on Create.


Copy Main Website files into Subdomain

To create replica of Live website, we need to copy all the files from Main website root directory to Subdomain.

  • Go to GoDaddy cPanel, select File Manager

  • Go to your main website root directory, select all the files from there and click on Copy

  • In the popup box, give your Subdomain root directory path, and then click on Copy Files.

Now, check your subdomain directory, you will see all files there.


Copy Main website database to new database

After copying all the website files, we now need to copy main website database to make sure development website and live website are same.

  • To create a Database replica, go to MySQL Database Wizard from cPanel DATABASES section.

  • Give your new Database a name and proceed for Next Step.

  • In the next step, create a user for your database

  • Now give access to the User on your preference, to provide admin level access, you can check ALL PRIVILEGES and click on complete. Your new database is ready now.

  • Click on phpMyAdmin now to access your databases.

  • Click on Live website Database and then click on Export option to export all the database.

  • Now click on new development database, click on import button, browse the file that is just exported and then click on GO.


Change Configuration of Development website

After copying Website Files and Database, we need to change the database settings and configurations, otherwise, there is a chance that of appearing it on Google search then it will be a redirection of your traffic.

  • First we need to change the Home URL and Site URL in the database, to do so, please select wp_options table in new database and change Home URL and Site URL from Live website URL to Development website URL.

  • After changing your Site URL and Home URL, now from the File Manager, go to development website root directory and then edit wp-config.php file, change Database Name, User Name, and Password to new Database Name, User Name and Password and then save the changes.


Disable SSL for Development Website

Once you change all the configuration and settings, you now need to disable SSL for development website means, your development website should be http instead https.

  • Go to development website root directory, click on inc, then go to Plugins and then search and find SSL plugin and rename it.

  • Now find .htaccess file in development website root directory and comment 3 lines which is meant for SSL redirection

Now access your sub-domain URL, you can see the exact replica of your Live website.

Finally your Development environment is ready for your Live Website.