Marketing Cloud Implementation

Marketing Cloud Implementation

In this day and age, every company has to be a media company. With online Ads, blogs, PR campaigns, print, radio, digital radio, connected TV, display Ads and may more channels of marketing and advertising one needs a central console to run those head turning campaigns. That’s where Eruditeworks can help. We take you beyond the mechanics of these marketing & PR tools to help you leverage the cloud to gain customer insight and voice effective messaging. Learn how to use the cloud to reach your audience, nurture leads, and build relationships.

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Key Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

Look through the list of Marketing Cloud key features to get a better understanding of its rich functionality.

Audience Studio

Capture data from any source and device, then unify, segment, and activate audiences to create valuable customer experiences.

Data Studio

Expand your reach with a data sharing platform where publishers can share 2nd party data with marketers in a trusted and transparent way.

Service Console

This is the ultimate personal work space for every agent. Service Console provides a very convenient view of each case. Apart from showing case state and history, it depicts customer and/or account information and enables agents to look for needed knowledge articles right in the case record.

Knowledge Base

To empower your service agents to find needed answers and deal with cases faster, Service Cloud enables creating a comprehensive knowledge base for agents. And the ability to assess how useful each knowledge article is can make the base even more helpful provided that you improve the less useful articles accordingly.

Process and Routine Automation

Service Cloud offers process automation using workflows, approvals, macros, email templates, etc.

Service Analytics

Being available to both service agents and service managers, Service Analytics powered by Salesforce Einstein provides insights into department and agent performance. You can see reports of different complexity.

It can be a report on a first contact resolution rate. Or on the number of case reassignments per each case type depicting an average customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate for each case type as well as the agents who systematically reassign cases more than a certain number of times a week. Besides reporting, Service Analytics can give recommendations as to what an agent should do, say, to improve CSAT.

Field Service

Sometimes, to solve a case, service agents need to cooperate with field workers. This is what Field Service allows doing. Service Cloud users can order field workers’ appointments, manage their schedules, track part or material consumption, and so on.

Self-Service Communities

Service Cloud provides the possibility to create self-service communities. Using them, customers can access your knowledge base and find solutions by themselves. And to make the community experience even friendlier, you can add a chat to it for customers to conveniently ask agents for help, if they find none on their own.

Einstein Bots

In some cases, your chats can be powered by Salesforce Einstein. This will free up some of your agents’ time and provide customers with answers to trivial questions about, say, an order status, flight details, etc. And only if your chat bot can’t help, it will transfer customers to the agents competent in the area of the customer’s problem.

App Builder

If you still lack something in all this Service Cloud functionality, you can order your own Salesforce customer service apps to be created using this feature.

App Builder

If you still lack something in all this Service Cloud functionality, you can order your own Salesforce customer service apps to be created using this feature.

Check out this short video to see Marketing Cloud in action